Schedule meetings
with ease
Schedule meetings with ease
Stop wasting your time booking meetings
To free up your time for work or leisure, Envite includes a built-in smart booking app.
Automatic scheduling for you and your clients
Clients can easily access your available hours and book meetings from anywhere. And if changes need to be made, rebooking is a no-brainer.
Unique link for every client
Each booked meeting is assigned a unique link for easy access by your clients.
Brand your selfsite to your liking
Brand your selfsite
to your liking
Set up your digital office in minutes
Envite is like a Personal Digital Office where you can sell your unique skills and services on demand, including all the tools to set up your business in minutes.
Personalize your selfsite to your heart's content
Customize your selfsite in a click, changing themes and backgrounds, adding your special skills, social profiles and more to exhibit your value to the world.
A single place to access your valuable experience
Finally, your clients can quickly book appointments and hold face to face meetings, while you justly get paid for your valuable time.
Meet them face to face
Video chat and recording in any format
On Envite you can communicate with customers anyway you like – video, audio or chat – and everything is saved for keeps.
Easily share your screens & upload files
Engage your clients one-on-one or in groups based on shared interests, levels of progress, etc. Presentations and visual aids are easily shared for everyone to see.
Build a community in your Public Lobby
Unique feature where clients can gather and interact with you in real time, sharing their thoughts and ideas much like in a real office environment.
Manage clients effortlessly
Enjoy effortless client management
Say goodbye to paper because every comment you write is saved and organized for retrieval. Search instantly for clients, sessions, topics, or any word that comes to mind.
Boost your earnings potential
Reveal future earnings potential under different scenarios to make better business decisions. Gain insight with drill-down reports based on age, type of service or customer, level of progress, date joined and more.
One-stop shop to your financial freedom
Envite keeps you & your clients in the know. Your sessions, notes, chats and financial interactions are accessible from a single place – now and forever.
Billing has never been simpler
If you are an independent earner, surely you spend too much time on routine tasks such as billing, invoicing and collecting payments. Envite puts an end to it in 3 simple steps.
1 Set up your pricing
Simply fill in your price per minute or session of any length. Then continue to step 2 & 3 and start making money!
2 Brand your invoices
Unique skills are better sold on unique invoices with custom colors, fonts, layouts, themes, and more to make your invoice remembered.
3 Collect your payments
Envite accepts many types of payments – credit cards, debit cards, Paypal and offline payments – because means of payment should never be an obstacle to making money!
Easily add widget to your site
Easily add widget
to your site
Now you can empower your existing website. Add the Envite widget and you and your clients can enjoy all the benefits like scheduling, sending reminders, even holding video calls directly in a click.
Coming soon
Run awesome campaigns
Boost sales with awesome marketing tools & tips
All the tools proven to make your marketing campaigns more targeted & effective, including landing pages, newsletter templates, creative campaign ideas, promotional coupons and more.
Coming soon
Work your way, anytime, anyplace
Work your way, anytime, anyplace