Frequently Asked Questions
Below are some answers to help clarify how easy and useful Envite is. If your
question isn’t answered, feel free to contact us directly.

Envite has everything you need to start your own online business selling your time. You will create your personal webpage, offer your special services, decide how much to charge, collect your payments, grow and prosper. Envite is easy, instant, and will position you as a professional.

Anyone can use it, whether you’re a freelancer, contractor, independent, teacher, coach, student, fashion stylist or anything else. With Envite you don’t need to use multiple tools to communicate and manage with your customers. It's all in one place.

If you are thinking about becoming a freelancer, you’ll need a tool to communicate and manage your customers information, keep track of time, create invoices, collect payments and more. Exactly for that we developed Envite!

Yes, signing up to Envite is 100% free, no credit card required.  With a free envite.live  account you get access to all the features: scheduling and calendar, clients information management, webpage customized to your look & feel, personalized invoices, billing and payments collection. Envite makes is easier than ever to track time and start making money from the first session.

You can optimize your profile, add your special services, adjust your prices, and start communicating with your new and existing clients.

Once you register, you can decide which services you would like to offer, how much to charge, and how long your sessions will be. It’s all based on your availability.

If you already have a website, simply add it to your Evite profile. All your social media information can be added as well. 

Each service you create has a price tag, which can be free or paid. You decide the relevant geographical areas and currencies you accept. Once a customer books a session on your Calendar, he or she will be referred to a page to fill in payment details. The transaction will occur after the session is complete.

You can create invoices automatically after each session, or at the end of each month. Invoices can be easily branded to your preferred design.

The first step in collecting your money is to add your payment option. Your earned money will be saved until then.