About Us
Envisioning a more productive world for independents
Envite is heaven for independent earners, i.e. those of us out there who earn their living doing what they love and loving what they do. The thing is… we all possess some unique skills, knowledge or experience that can make us independent. And whether it’s on a full or part time basis, time is always of essence. That’s why Envite was created! To make sure your dreams come true! So whether you’re a professional life coach, expert sponge cake maker, Clash Royale gamer, day trader, or French Math teacher – ENVITE is a place you can call home – and your fastest path to your financial freedom. It’s really that simple thanks to Envite. Join the movement and become an indiepreneur today.
Envite was founded by entrepreneurs who understand the struggle that independents go through to make a living. To make life simpler, we developed the first full-service digital office space where independents can sell their time to new and existing clients worldwide. Envite has everything an independent needs to start making money on the fly, from scheduling and streaming to invoicing and payment collection.